About Us

About Us

Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Cara Jefferson, founder and president of Cara’s Geriatric Home Recreational Services. I am a caring, compassionate, social and fun loving person. I have over 30 years of experience working in the realm of social service and the medical field.

I have worked with clients that range from artistic children in therapeutic day school to developmentally challenged adults. I found it rewarding to be a counselor at a summer camp, I loved sharing my knowledge as a family educator at a substance abuse organization. As a home health care provider, certified nursing assistant/personal care technician confirmed my passion to be committed to geriatric care. Also, I am certified as a phlebotomist. And I carry cardiac pulmonary resuscitation and respite care certification cards.

I have received numerous accolades for my performance such as, above and beyond, a gratitude letter from the board of directors, and employee of the month/year. As well as letters from patients wishing I was their nurse manager.

My personal story as a caretaker started in 1979 with my late brother, Willie Williams with diabetes, I supervised him while he administer his shot’s three times a day. My late grandmother, Lillie Wright, in 1989 I was her caretaker with Alzheimer’s for one and a half years. My dear mother, Ella W. Sanders, I became her caretaker over five years until her passing in May 2020.

My passion for people is extraordinary! The Lord placed it on my heart to complete the assignment of pursuing my passion for the geriatric community!

The road we travel in life is ordered by God, let Him lead you.

– Cara Jefferson

Our Mission

Cara’s Geriatric Home Recreational Services’s vision is to be the most sought-after home recreational service through culturally, competent professionals, up to date technologies and mutual teamwork while providing a diversified caring and comfortable environment for each and every client. We are a nurturing community working shoulder to shoulder to give back to family members and clients.

Our Core Values


Our community has no room for judgement, we spread harmony and promote peace in any and all environments.


Learning and taking advantage of educational opportunities with and for our clients, accepting feedback in order to develop.


We believe in doing what is right even when no one is looking.


Pride ourselves in the value in our abilities and achievements and ensuring our clients as well as our team know that they are important.


Respecting all cultures and beliefs, while instilling faith in all that we do.